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Our Dreams

The DREAM for Zara’s House is for it to be PLACE OF WELCOME that alleviates social exclusion, where refugee women meet Australian women, share hospitality, ideas, culture, learning and local opportunities.

Our DREAM for the Mother-Language Literacy program – offered to Arabic or Dari native speakers who are illiterate in their own mother language – is that it will lead to English literacy acquisition.

We DREAM for the refugee women to be confident and engaged in their new environment and for them to be a stable influence within the family home


Our Mission

To understand and address the challenges that refugees and asylum seekers face when settling into multi-cultural Australia.

We are...

A Place of Welcome

… where refugee women, asylum seekers and their friends connect with each other and meet supportive members of the Australian community.

A Team of Members

… who care about refugees, asylum seekers, their friends and each other. We offer our support as friends to those rebuilding their lives from the horror of war, the loss of family, home and country.

A Secular Not-For-Profit Centre

… in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

A Connection

… to bi-lingual learning, literacy, citizenship, services and opportunities in a welcoming, multicultural Australia.

2022-2023 Management Committee

Chairperson : Veronica Clayton

Vice Chairperson: Jacqueline Brewer 

Secretary & Public Officer: Wanda McInnes-Fogg

Treasurer: Lola Akinya 

Committee: Ellen Vonleh 

Committee: Habiba Mehrahan

Committee: Jéan-Louise Olivier 

Patrons: Sr Diana Santleben, Sr Betty Brown and James Garvey

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