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Make a Financial Donation

Refugees and Partners is a registered charity with DGR status so your donations are tax-deductible. As a not-for-profit organisation donations are vital and enable us to provide:  

  • Educational programs (women and children)


  • Cover the costs of running our centre 


  • Assist with small emergency loans to refugee families 


  • Facilitate micro-enterprise creation

  • Funds to purchase whatever is needed when all you have is what you stand up in

Donate to Zara's House

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Cheque/Money Order
Zara’s House
PO Box 60 Jesmond NSW 2299

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Donate Household Items


Zara’s House receives household items in a case by case scenario. If you have clean quality items that you would like to donate PLEASE email us to check if you have something we could use and call us ahead of coming by.. We regret that we can not accept everything that is kindly offered to us and we appreciate your understanding. 

Zara's House at 1A Hill Street Jesmond is Now Ours


We especially want to acknowledge the generosity and patience of our principal sponsor who lent us the balance to finalise the purchase of our property.


At the end of the 2020/2021 financial year this loan and the accrued interest was cleared so, as of the beginning of July, Refugees and Partners Inc owns its site outright..


We cannot express our gratitude enough at the generosity of all our amazing sponsors.

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